!! OMG, They’re Naked: Manu Bennett and the Gladiators of Spartacus: Blood and Sand !!

Okay, it’s official. SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND is the show we’ve been waiting for. These men never put clothes on! If you’re not watching this shit I banish you from OMG Blog!
Stills from this weeks episode are after the jump. I think you’ll likey. NSFW!


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19 Comments on "OMG, They’re Naked: Manu Bennett and the Gladiators of Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

  1. What the hell happened to Whitfield´s penis in the first picture?! Was it digitally erased?!

  2. Omar Estupinan | December 5, 2012 at 1:52 pm | Reply

    Sorry to “whine” but I agree with John and Sky, pubes make a difference between a pre pubescent kid and a man, just like the thickening of the voice, adams apple, facial and body hair, penis and testicle growth, muscle tone, etc, all this characteristics are visible when someone becomes is able to fuck and breed and therefore becomes a MAN. I clearly remember when being around 10 yo and so curious and anxious for having a hairy crotch and embrace my masculinity in full glory, and now I see all this guys shaving it for no reason? It just look strange fake and like it even hurts, big turn off, so no thanks, I’ll patiently wait until that stupid and nonsense trend goes away for good.

  3. If you look at extremely masculine, shaved men like these and see little boys, YOU have the issues. Seriously, nobody wants to hear you whine.

  4. I totally agree with John Dadoe and many, many others that I’m sick of the guys thinking it’s cool to shave their pubes, they look like adolescents or a drag queen’s crotch, nothing appealing about it. I
    guess it helps consumers like myself who use to spend a lot of money on porn, but stopped purchasing them because the actors look too feminine. Be great if one day most of the guys you see look like men.

  5. What episode is this from?

  6. Apparently the poster before me didnt read all the other comments before making one. It was stated by one poster that in ancient Rome or Greece they shaved their entire bodies smooth even the crotch because it was a symbol of status. I had assumed that even before reading that comment.
    ANother comment stated something about dont make this another thing about shaved, unshaved, cut, uncut. I agree. I get sick of reading that stuff. A man isnt less manly if hairy or shaved. He is a man period so its just picky to act like one is sick of either or. I personally think he looks very masculine and manly here just because of his body shape and stance and so forth. The shaved body and pubes does not bother me in the least

  7. I’m so SICK Of guys shaving off their pubic hair!! UGH!! Fine – shave the chest and stomach… I don’t care. But why the FUCK do guys want to make themselves look like pre-pubescent BOYS!! Such bullshit. SUCH a turn off. SO sick of it! Keep your pubic hair – it makes you look like a man. For fuck sakes!

  8. Alexandria M.... | March 4, 2011 at 12:05 pm | Reply

    TWO SHAY…..This was the best series and squeal I have every seen in my life,lots of blood, sex and naked men. everything in which we may of learned in history class or seen older version movies is exactly close to this series… wonderful actors and great themes and settings. would love to been in the movie. lol..

  9. yes it was digitally edited. it was said in an interview

  10. that guys cock looks like its sticking out of his vagina…great body though.

  11. Maybe the guy on top doesn’t have it at all :)?
    Oh yeah, shaved and uncut.
    I really enjoy the hot men and naked scenes on the show.

  12. dont banish me. im watching im watching. i’ve been watching from the first ep on netflix instant watch. honestly screencaps cant do any of these scenes justice. i mean its not just the main chars naked, its the background people too.
    i’m love the Romans so this show is good in my book. Thank the Faytes. accurate enough to not annoy me. and yet i want more. i still find it unfair that brutal dismembering of attractive men is fine on TV, but full on blowjobs and hard bits is not. oh well, i’ll take what i can get.
    I hope this sets a trend in shows that fall outside the prudish FCC restrictions, and outside the reaches of the MPAA ratings board.

  13. Where are the guy’s peens and balls in the 2nd pic? Certainly the guy on top would have his hanging freely, and the other guy’s would probably be flopping upward, visible. Are these digital edits???

  14. Bloggers, just enjoy the manflesh and don’t make this post another shaved/unshaved, cut/ uncut debate.

  15. I LOVE HIS DARK DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. romas are suppose to be uncut! at least a fake prosthetic uncut cock

  17. Thanks! Love it. And love that you really do respond to reader comments.

  18. I know some people will bitch about the shaved bodies, but all evidence says that this was a mark of status, and desirable at the time, particularly for athletes whose bodies were on display. Of course Roman gladiators were not circumcised…but whatever. Still delicious on tv, hehe.

  19. good move! where did they put the one guy’s c$ck and balls in that one wrestling shot? did they digitally edit it out?

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