!! OMG gossip: Jessica Simpson’s new beau !!

OMG, who is Jessica Simpson‘s new boyfriend? [popeater]
Cristiano Ronaldo is now a single father. But how? [dlisted]
The Internet is officially passe according to Prince [tabloid prodigy]
The Kids Are All Right is the first post-gay movie of the summer [towleroad]
Jared Leto is rocking the “gay Elf from space” look [popbytes]
Who has more Facebook fans: Lady Gaga or President Obama? [evil beet]
Chace Crawford gets preppy for British Esquire [kenneth]
Where can you now find James Franco larger than life and soaking wet? [oh la la]
George Michael crashed his car into a building for like the millionth time [socialite life]
Are we at the cusp of the great bisexual coming out of male celebrities? [after elton]
This dog is not having any sassiness from that car. [cityrag]
How much money has this invisible homeless man made? [uncoached]
OMG creepy cakes! [2leep]

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