!! OMG, they’re incredulous: Tennessee students debate evolution !!

Now that the Fourth of July is finally over, no might be a good time to put the patriotism aside and remind ourselves of the giant population of Americans that are complete f*cking idiot hicks! Oh well…

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17 Comments on "OMG, they’re incredulous: Tennessee students debate evolution"

  1. @ Bmad
    You are correct, and I fully support that everyone has their rights. But, I have a feeling if this had been a video about a bunch of southern kids and their teacher calling gay people “fucking idiots” there would be all kinds of hell raised here as well.

  2. You’re correct that people are entitled to believe or disbelieve whatever they want. So am I. And I believe that the people in this video are fucking idiots. (They’re also semi-children though, so they can get away with it more than their teacher.)

  3. This is hardly scandalous. Though the ginger kid’s comment about black people was kind of….yeah, the teacher was fair. People are entitled to believe or disbelieve whatever they want, and just because they don’t believe in evolution, doesn’t make it ok for them to be belittled. Respect ladies, respect. We don’t all have to have the same set of beliefs.

  4. @FieldMedic
    Ok seriously people need to read what I am actually saying. I don’t care what your beliefs are one way or the other, I even said I’m not questioning evolution or supporting creationism, or the other way around even. I’m not giving a viewpoint here on anything other than I said I thought it was wrong to call people “fucking idiots” and make fun of them just because they have a different viewpoint than you do. Oy!

  5. @Eko Do you know what a Scientific Theory is? It is a rigorous framework of tested and testable hypothesis and conclusions. The fact is that everything in Science is a “Theory”, there’s even a Theory of Gravity and a Theory of Relativity. Scientific Theory is NOT what you’d commonly refer to as a theory — that being something unverified. Also what are these holes you speak of? The fact is that the Theory of Evolution has more evidence and weight behind it than Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED) making it the most supported theory in Science, more supported than even the Theory of Gravity.

  6. @ Bmad Lol no, thankfully I am not a high school science teacher.
    @ Nick
    I’m not exactly sure what you said has any bearing whatsoever on what I said. I simply pointed out that just because people have a differing viewpoint than your own, they shouldn’t be called “fucking idiots” and made fun of. I also never questioned the validity of evolution, I said it was a theory that has some large holes in it, so anyone should be able to question it. As a truly understanding human being, this should be quite obvious.

  7. Eko,
    There is more empirical proof that the theory of evolution is more fact than fiction. There is very little to zero proof that there is a God. Jesus lived, yes, but where is the proof that it was an immaculate birth? If you say the Bible, your argument is void.
    Religion shouldn’t be an excuse for ignorance.

  8. The racist dullards really speak for themselves and don’t need us to point out that they’re intelligent like a group of vegetables.

  9. The teacher sounded like he was honestly trying to present both viewpoints. The kids were saying some crazy things, but they’re what? Sixteen, cut them some slack.

  10. Eko, are you a high school science teacher by any chance???

  11. Huh, look at all the people making fun of the “fucking idiots” for simply having an alternate view from themselves. Any of that sound familiar gay people? I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves. So these kids and teacher don’t believe in evolution, remember evolution is a theory and has some giant holes in it, how dare they question it right? Ugh the hypocrisy runs wild in here. I’m not saying anyone should believe a certain way, but come on guys and gals, grow up.

  12. Wow. This is a public school?? That “teacher” should be fired. How insane that he’s considered a “science” teacher! And the kids should all be suspended, too. What they’re doing violates the separation of church and state, if this is a public school. I pray every day and have a wonderful relationship with God, but I don’t ever want my religion or anyone else’s preached in school or in the government.

  13. Dayton, Tennessee:
    Interestingly, the site of the Scopes trial in 1925.

  14. Hey, gay hick from America: Dayton is in Ohio. Read a map (and be afraid, for the hick belt is stretching its way north).

  15. I’m argentinian and i’m so happy right now.

  16. So, like, um, Biology is really hard. And like, God just waved his hand and made like, the world. Wow. Like, it all makes sense to me now. Where’s my “A”?
    That science teacher should be removed from his post. Where is the critical thinking?

  17. I’m from Tennessee, and this video just embarrasses me to be from here.

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