!! OMG, gossip: Kim and Kanye’s not-so-secret smooch !!

Whatdoyaknow, even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s favorite public activity begins with a K [huffpost]
Good news! If Roseanne kicks it in office, she wants Vice President Willie Nelson to succeed her in office [evil beet]
OMG, John Travolta and John Doe #2 are settling out of court [dlisted]
In case you’re in need of comebacks when those Bible thumpers come around… [kenneth]
Chicago is burning! Only this time, the heat’s coming from Taylor Kinney’s abs [oh la la]
It’s a good thing Oprah‘s so friggin’ rich, because, damn, her TV network is losing money fast [popbytes]
By the looks of this preview for “The New Normal,” Ryan Murphy‘s latest show may be the next big thing to watch (sorry, “Downton Abbey”) [socialite life]
OMG, celebs tweet 140 characters of love for Mother’s Day [celebrity cafe]
Who’s feeling preggers? Because Jessica Simpson already has a maternity line — yes, really [amy grindhouse]
OMG, 25 people who’d make better “X-Factor” judges than Britney Spears [after elton]
The force is definitely, deh-fin-ite-ly with this kid… as you might remember from 2002 [double viking]
Spice up your life with these new jams from Melanie C [arjan]
The Jersey Shore’s Pauly D will make millions — and then drink them all away — with his liquor endorsement deal [allie]
Robert Pattinson belongs to Kristen Stewart because he’s “my f-cking boyfriend” she tells ELLE [celebitchy]
OMG, Rhode Island finally gets with the program and recognizes gay marriages [joe]
OMG, don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead (because the cat killed her) [tabloid prodigy]

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