!! OMG gossip: Lil Kim spoons up some goodness !!

See if you can guess what Lil Kim is doing in this photo [starpulse]
Praise the heavens, Brad Pitt is smooth-faced again [dlisted]
The YMCA will soon be officially named “The Y” [towleroad]
Kylie Minogue does Out [pitnb]
Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes are back together trying to make it work [popeater]
Joan Rivers disses Lindsay Lohan on Twitter then gets Tweet-slapped by Sam Ronson [popbytes]
OMG Sylvester Stallone‘s arm is super, super scary [tabloid prodigy]
Despite his best efforts, Prince‘s new album is available on the Internet [socialite life]
Dita Von Teese pours Perrier on her boobs in new commercial for… yes, Perrier. [l.a. rag mag]
5 Things gay soldiers might love about same-sex showers [queerty]
Carrie Underwood is leaving for her honeymoon with HOT husband Mike Fisher [celeb smack]
Roman Polanski has eluded prison, again [evil beet]
Surprise! The cat does NOT want to be friends with the baby turtle [cityrag]
Cute tattooed Brazilian boy model jumping. In his underwear. That is all. [oh la la]
OMG Diesel’s gayest underwear yet [kenneth]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: Lil Kim spoons up some goodness"

  1. hmmmm.
    I’m going to have to guess she’ssss…
    Applying another coat of foundation?
    wait crap no that’s not enough nutella to do her face and her boobs… crap.

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