!! OMG, The Verdict is In: Whoopi Clears Mel Gibson of Racism Charges !!

It used to be that white people like me had an easy out from all accusations of racism. Just make one black friend and you’re home free no matter what horrible and seemingly-bigoted acts you might perpetrate against any minority.
“Oh, I own an entire plantation of slaves? Whatever! You think I’m racist because I just told Rosa Parks to get to the back of the bus? Who cares! Because guess what, I have a black friend!”
Most whites in my social circle kept around at least one black pal for this express purpose. (True story: my token black friend was the Pine-Sol Lady!!!)
While the Black Friend Defense has been waning in its effectiveness in recent years a special loophole has just been introduced to benefit rich white celebrities: the Whoopi Goldberg Defense. By decree of Ms. Goldberg herself, it is impossible for anyone she’s personally friends with to be racist!
As Whoopi informed us on The View earlier today, Mel Gibson may have told his erstwhile girlfriend that it was her fault if she got raped by a pack of you-know-whats*, but it’s okay because as a fellow famous person, Mr. Gibson has met Whoopi, and is therefore totally in the clear.
No racism to see here, folks! Just go about your business!
*[The word only rappers can say]

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9 Comments on "OMG, The Verdict is In: Whoopi Clears Mel Gibson of Racism Charges"

  1. Houndentenor | July 13, 2010 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    Isn’t this obvious? She’s desperate to hold on to some kind of movie career. Why else would she be defending a child rapist (Polanski) and a racist (Gibson)? Pathetic.

  2. I honestly think he has developed schizophrenia. And foul, degrading language as well as paranoia is all part of it. He needs to taken to a mental facility and put on meds, the only reason he hasn’t so far is because he’s a celebrity surrounded by “yes-men” and people who want a paycheck off of him. His abusive tirades around Hollywood are legendary and they seem to be getting worse as he ages.
    I’m definitely not defending him, I want his ass locked up and studied.

  3. A racist white person can be friends with a black person — all the while considering MOST of the race to be inferior to himself and his black friend. Whoopi, you may love your friend, but he’s still a racist.

  4. My great uncle is his live in personal priest and works in his chruch. Obviously, the services he’s providing are not working.

  5. As I thought, you are all missing my point altogether. I was neither defending nor condoning Gibson for what he said and how he said it, and yes he is homophobic. I am trying to point out that we all say things we wish we hadn’t. I am sure that none of you have ever used the ‘N’ word or the ‘F’ word or any other word as a slur, privately or toward someone, because we are all pure, and well thought out before we get into an argument…except for Gibson. I also noted that I think we will find out that Oksana Grigorieva is manipulative, fame gathering, money grabbing liar who indeed released the tapes. There will be no judgement on her, because she will be portrayed as only the sweet innocent victim.
    Gibson is no saint, and definitely has anger management issues, but this should have all been private. They split in April, why is this just coming to light? In June 2010, she filed for a restraining order against him, claiming he had physically assaulted her, why not when it happened, or did it happen in June? Gibson has a restraining order against Grigorieva to prevent her from speaking publicly about the case, so how in July did those tapes get leaked? She denies that she leaked the tapes, so who else had them? Were any of them tampered with? Who is going to profit from them being public?
    He is tainted goods, his career is over all due to a vidictive someone (Grigorieva?)releasing audio tapes that should have remained private. The public judged and found him guilty. He is now box office poison. Oksana will walk away free and rich, while Gibson will have the scarlet letter “B” for bigot.
    My final point is/was, their troubles should not have been public. The only reason they were made public was to destroy a man and his career. How would you feel if all your conversations/arguments were recorded and released to the world? He needs psychological help, but what we have done is condemned him without a trial.

  6. Oh, CB, I get it. Telling someone: “You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault,” is perfectly fine WHEN taken in context. Nobody understands poor Mel.

  7. i bet you’ve never told anyone they deserved to be raped by a pack of n*s, CB. I know I haven’t!

  8. I’ve been hearing about Mel Gibson all over the place, and I have to say this. I am not defending him or his actions, but I think judging him is wrong. We don’t have the whole picture except the one that is painted by his ex-girlfriend. She is not innocent here. This, like the Alec Baldwin case, is a recorded personal conversation. We are judging him on a personal argument, between him and his girlfriend (in the case of Baldwin, scolding his daughter). How many of us have gotten in a heated argument and said things we normally wouldn’t. Haven’t you ever called someone a name, wished they were dead, if not to their face, behind there back, eventually resolving the issue/disagreement. I know as a teen, I was not alway kind to my parents and said things to hurt (I now regret). I am a sacrastic SOB, and sometimes things have left my mouth that were not taken as intended. You can apologize, but the remembrance is still there.
    Back to the subject…this never should have been made public. The only reason it was, was as a vendetta used to inflict harm on Gibson’s career. There is only one person who could have released the tapes and that is the person who recorded them aka Oksana Grigorieva. I believe her to be a gold digger, probably one who knew how to pull Gibson’s strings and will try to get a huge settlement through all this. I do hope that they find her in comtempt of court for releasing the tapes.
    Again, not defending Gibson, but if this was Orwell’s 1984, and everything we say, did, or thought was public knowledge, I think we would all be up the creek without a paddle. She has completely destroyed what career he had left, and I am say she, not he, because, this was a private matter, between two people, and should’ve remained private unless it was released through court proceedings. Everyone is on Oksana’s bandwagon, but she is not pure, I will bet!

  9. Well, he’s also not homophobic and he’s not chauvinistic. Not at all. Mhm.

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