!! OMG, gossip: Louis Tomlinson has had it with all the gay talk !!

Don’t you dare suggest that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is gay or else he’ll tweet you! [tabloid prodigy]
Today’s socially conscious question: How young is too young for leopard-print bikinis? [jezebel]
…Or you could ask this: How gay is your TV? [kenneth]
With Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj set to take over the American Idol judges table, this season might actually be worth a watch [evil beet]
Finally, a pair of breasts that don’t make Duchess Kate cry [dlisted]
There’s got to be something thrilling about slipping on some shades and saying, “Oh these? They’re Saint Laurent Paris.” Especially when you have model cheekbones [ohlala]
In case you misplace your upcoming copy of Us Weekly, prepare to watch Kourtney Kardashian have her baby on TV [popbytes]
Who’d you rather: Michael Fassbender or Javier Bardem? [socialite life]
Before you go see “The Master,” be sure to brush up on Joaquin Phoenix‘s top ten movie roles [celebrity cafe]
If you’re a celebrity, this is the photograph you should hope never gets taken [amy grindhouse]
Two words: Mary Murphy [after elton]
Two hotter words: John Abraham [berry]
Those of you with both a pool and a ladder can consider this video a public service announcement [double viking]
See Ellie Goulding talk about her new LP “Halycon” [arjan]
…Or listen to Ke$ha‘s latest track, called “Die Young” [allie]
Scream for help? Kim Kardashian named her new kitten Mercy [celebitchy]
Gotta love when Fox News gets pranked… by a frat boy [joe]
Ben Cohen‘s 2013 calendar cover has arrived! [towleroad]

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