!! OMG gossip: Macho man-on-man action !!

What married A-list film actor got a BJ from his male assistant director? [dlisted]
Shia LaBeouf jogs shirtless [kenneth]
Mariah Carey apologizes for her Michael Jackson Memorial performance [celebitchy]
Tom Cruise and David Beckham have struck up a passionate bromance [yeeeah]
Who wants to hack into Jude Law‘s cell phone? [socialite life]
Britney Spears performed by Russian grandmas [bwe]
Gossip Girl lives on! [hollywood rag]
Sarah Palin is, on top of everything else, a big liar [towleroad]
Raven Symone did NOT have a baby! [allie]
Mary Louise Parker can’t keep her clothes on for the press [l.a. rag mag]
Josh Duhamel covers up for Mens Health [amy grindhouse]
Bruno works The Today Show [celeb smack]
OMG new Project Runway season! [sow]
Gratuitous shower nudity on French reality show Secret Story [oh la la]
NY Sen. Pedro Espada is super shady [joe.my.god]

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