!! OMG, gossip: Melissa McCarthy covers Elle Mag, and people make a stink !!

Bitches get their panties in a twist over Melissa McCarthy‘s “covered up” Elle cover. What!? Do they want a sluttier cover? [celebitchy]
Kris Jenner Bombshell! (LOVE typing those 3 words) Does Bruce Jenner want to transition to become a woman? (Cuz it’s cool if he does!) [popbytes]
The ghost of Bieber‘s future: Vanilla Ice does “Need To Know” [boy culture]
Former drag queen wins “Ex-gay Of The Year” award! Ooooh, – honey! [joemygod]
Adam Lambert & Lindsay Lohan take in Marco Marco‘s drag queen spectacular at LA Fashion Week [socialite life]
Ronan Farrow aka Frank Sinatra‘s hot son is coming to TV News![kenneth]
Lady Gaga is not the new Madonna” – Cher [queerty]
Madonna dons a thong for Uncle Terry (Madonna is not the new Gaga) [evil beet]
The news you’ve all been waiting for: New Tamar Braxton BEEF [all hip hop]
Morrissey opens up about being with dudes [towleroad]
Ke$ha electrocuted her down dere parts with power tools [dlisted]
Chanel goes anti-Gravity [ohlala]
Skip the book — watch the movie instead [double viking]

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