!! OMG gossip: Miley Cyrus has a big mouth !!

Miley Cyrus calls Victoria Beckham a “soccer mom” [socialite life]
Is Craig “The Legend of the Seeker” Horner seeking his shirt? It always seems to be missing. [oh la la]
Mary Louise Parker regrets doing her nude scene in the Weeds Season 4 finale [l.a. rag mag]
OMG Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill finales tonight (for those of you non-Canadians who didn’t see them last night) [sow]
Mariah Carey spills out of her dress, and not in a good way [popbytes]
OMG Fergie is bisexual! [hollywood rag]
OMG Brenda “Welcome to my Home” Dickson is still kicking around! [dlisted]
Are Cameron Diaz and Adam Levine an item? [celebitchy]
OMG domestic partner benefits for State Dept. employees! [towleroad]
Norway’s Alexander Rybak wins Eurovision 2009 [arjan]
OMG this is why you’re fat! [uncoached]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: Miley Cyrus has a big mouth"

  1. YaY!! Mariah is probably as big as me now.
    Speaking of chunky.. That Bulldog on the “why you are fat” page kind of looks good.
    I think I’ll go make poutine for din dins and some deep fried ice cream for dessert.

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