!! OMG gossip: New slang alert !!

Beyonce‘s new glasses are so HARD BODY [kanye west]
While Suri Cruise‘s new glasses are more RICH BABY [dlisted]
Reese Witherspoon channels Carol Channing [popsugar]
Sharon Stone channels David Bowie (now, not then) [cityrag]
Meet the six finalists in the second V A Model contest [v magazine]
She-bear extraordinaire Fay Slift performed at Toronto’s famous Hot Nuts over the weekend [produzentin]
Justin Gaston, mantoy of Miley Cyrus, was in a fashion show last night [popbytes]
The Spirit most likely has no spirit [pajiba]
Sen. Dianne Feinstein talks about gay stuff [towleroad]
John Roberts (aka Christmas Tree Mom) is performing in a comedy show next month in New York [facebook]
Paris Hilton is a hooker again [wimb]

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