!! OMG, the most oppressive seat in town: Cinemark !!

To everyone who is planning on going to see the premiere of Milk this Wednesday: please go to a theater that is NOT Cinemark. The owner of Cinemark donated $9,999 dollars to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign, which recently passed and made gay marriage illegal in California.
How did he have all that money to fund a campaign that takes away other people’s civil rights? From all the movie admissions that gays and straights alike have paid at his theaters. And now he wants us to pay to see a gay movie at his theaters. Nuh uh. Don’t do it.

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3 Comments on "OMG, the most oppressive seat in town: Cinemark"

  1. Uh oh….someone made a boo boo. Like I said before, if gay marriage was legal, Cinemark would have to pay millions in benefits for all the closet cases they have working for them, especially in corporate. Trust me, they have owned my life for more than a decade. Bastards. I am ashamed to work there.

  2. Their stock has plummeted since election day!

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