!! OMG gossip: Oscar for Mariah? !!

OMG Mariah Carey might win an Oscar! [defamer]
37-year-old elementary school fired for doing it with 17-year-old high school student. So not fair! [kenneth in the 212]
Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson had a baby and named it Bronx Mowgli. Bronx. Mowgli (yes, like The Jungle Book). Wentz. Think about that. [dlisted]
OMG Florida governor Charlie Crist is marrying a woman! [towleroad]
Pink gives herself passionate lesbian kisses in her new “Sober” video [popbytes]
Attitudes towards race in Brazil have changed a lot in 13 years [made in brazil]
Photo retrospective of Anna Wintour in happier times [bryanboy]
OMG Marc Jacobs stroller for your baby [racked]
Give Vice magazine your work in exchange for a the opportunity to do more free work for them. It’s the deal of the century! [jossip]
More almost nudie fashion shots from photographer JD Ferguson [dudetube, NSFW]
10 pop songs about lady masturbation [jezebel]
10 most startling moments of 2008 [the frisky]
This is how they select the winners of National Dog Shows [examiner]

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