!! OMG, she’s naked: Kim Cattrall !!

Sex And The City’s Samantha bared her breasts for a recreation of Titian’s Diana and Actaeon in The Daily Mirror. The headline read “Nice Titian’s, Kim”.
The above photo of Ms. Kattrall is from her role as Lieutenant Valeris in Star Trek VI in 1991, and is completely unrelated but kinda funny.
See the very mildly NSFW photo of her and her boobies after the jump.
(Image Source)

(Image Source)

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7 Comments on "OMG, she’s naked: Kim Cattrall"

  1. She’s amazing!!!! I love her and “Samantha” sex and the city is the best tv show ever!!
    PS: I don’t know why you are surprised, we all saw her naked in SATC all the time

  2. …I’m afraid that the only thing on “Sex and the City” that ever caught my attention was Victor Webster and that was just via some screen captures I saw somewhere…

  3. Really, we’ve seen her breasts so many times on sex and the city, this is no big deal!

  4. kim looks amazing!

  5. Dude, she was naked in every single episode of Sex & The City, were you familiar with that show?

  6. …exactly! Sorry… I don’t mean to be such a gay boy but I was wondering why Kimmie being nude was supposed to get me going OMG!!!

  7. who’s the hot man in the first pic??

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