!! OMG gossip: R-Patz’s first ‘Playgirl’ cover !!

Robert Pattinson covers British Playgirl [pitnb]
Kevin Costner will be in the new Superman movie [popeater]
Thanks to the bigots in their state Congress, it is still a crime to be gay in Montana [towleroad]
OMG 45 shirtless Ryan Phillippe photos! [socialite life]
Are you a disappointing gay best friend? [queerty]
Jennifer Lopez has mastered the “sexy face” [the berry]
OMG subway spaghetti fight! [daily what]
Britney Spears looks fabulous and tan on the set of her new music video “Til’ the World Ends” [evil beet]
Former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson is now a crazy right-wing blogger… Not funny! [starcasm]
This Karl Lagerfeld eyewear campaign looks like the world’s most expensive Lenscrafters ad [oh la la]
Kelly Clarkson vs. Best Buy over some iPods for orphans [popbytes]
What’s going on with Prince Charles‘s hand? [drunken stepfather, nsfw]
Dave Grohl hates Glee [dlisted]
OMG remember when Kirstie Alley looked like this? [celeb toob]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: R-Patz’s first ‘Playgirl’ cover"

  1. Whoa, that’s some terrible picture of Pattinson. I’ve never found him attractive but he has certainly always looked way better than this picture.

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