!! OMG, something’s exploading, but it ain’t fireworks !!

So, thank you University of Arkansas straight dudes, thank you.

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8 Comments on "OMG, something’s exploading, but it ain’t fireworks"

  1. Not sure that all of these boys are straight….somebody had to think up this idea as well as choreograph it! Very nice job, guys!

  2. I want to suck and kiss that gorgeous hunk in blue 😛

  3. Is all of Arkansas hairless? Some sort of genetic issue, water?

  4. OMG, what would anyone find homophobic about that? I agree fredb, just cute guys having fun. If it is homo-anything then it would be a little homoerotic, and nothin wrong with that.

  5. straight guys seem to have changed since i was in college. apparently they now shave their heads and dance to pop? wasn’t that “gay” about fifteen years ago?

  6. How are they all hairless? All of them. Are they swimmers? Or some sort of genetic issue in Arkansas?

  7. Towleroad had this up a couple of weeks ago and I LOVED it, still do!!!!! A bunch of the guys over there dissed it as homophobic.
    To me it’s a bunch of cute guys having a great time.

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