!! OMG gossip: RIP Natasha Richardson !!

Actress Natasha Richardson passed away at the age of 45 from a brain injury sustained while skiing [dlisted]
Jennifer Lopez as Anita in West Side Story (plus Chris Evans) for Vanity Fair [oh la la]
OMG Pete Wentz drinks pee! [agent bedhead]
Kevin Spacey is distracted by penis in the window [socialite life]
OMG Big Brother Brazil jacuzzi moment! [made in brazil]
Gwyneth Paltrow suggests that Joaquin Phoenix should go “live in the projects” to “get some authenticity.” I think I just heard Graydon’s heart palpitate from here. Gwyneth should write about her favorite projects in the next issue of GOOP. [gabby babble]
Rihanna and Chris Brown are “taking a break” [l.a. rag mag]
Madonna may acquire a new child [trey cruz]
OMG Gossip Girl graduation! [pitnb]
Lisa Rinna and her lips are so desperate to be on the new CW remake of Melrose Place that they’re willing to stand beside the road holding a sandwich board. Maybe not the best approach. [popbytes]
Charlize Theron grabs her boob [cityrag]
San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is still our hero [towleroad]
KFC uses real chefs behind the scenes. Secret chefs. [ibbb]

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