!! OMG, how eligible: Chris Hughes !!

Chris Hughes deserves a break. After having made millions as a co-founder of Facebook, and helping change the world for the better by masterminding Barack Obama’s online campaign, the baby-faced Harvard grad has already accomplished more in his 25 years than most people could even dream of doing. Fast Company ponders his future in their current issue, but the one important question that OMG would put forward about this out-and-proud whiz kid: Does he have a boyfriend? (via Gawker)
After the jump, watch an old video of Chris (sporting Corbin Fisheresque surfer hair) describing what exactly this new-fangled Facebook technology is all about.

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5 Comments on "OMG, how eligible: Chris Hughes"

  1. He’s an idiot who’s just turned a great facebook into a stupid twitter.

  2. Cute. now show some flesh.

  3. Blah Blah Blah…Now lift up your shirt

  4. Um, nothing OMG-worthy about this. It is nothing new if somebody was from Yale, Harvard or other similar Ivy colleges end up making millions of dollars over simple things like Facebook marketing. Remember, they are rich folks that happens to throw around money to make it to happen. By the way, Obama sucks.

  5. He’s cute. And rich, which makes him gorgeous.
    If only etcetera etcetera…

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