!! OMG gossip: Robyn finally reaches America !!

Robyn killed it on SNL this weekend [arjan]
OMG, the friendliest bear in the world! [dlisted]
Watch Mitt Romney get flustered by gay Vietnam war veteran [joe]
Meryl Streep lands her first Vogue cover ever at the age of 62 [celebrity cafe]
OMG the history of Lindsay Lohan’s wardrobe malfunctions [celebslam]
Charlie Sheen tweets personal phone number, intended for Justin Bieber [huffpo]
Will Lady Gaga star in a new Amy Winehouse biopic? [allie]
Does college football star Tyrann Mathieu really have a 13 in peen? You decide. [tabloid prodigy, nsfw]
Watch Stephen Colbert‘s greatest gay hits [after elton]
OMG it’s Chris Colfer in a Christmas Elf costume! [socialite life]
Lea Michele discusses her crush on Ashton Kutcher in print [celebitchy]
OMG gay ripped Santas? [the berry]
George Takei‘s plea for peace… between Star Trek and Star Wars [evil beet]
OMG, Speedo Santa Run! [towleroad]
Hunk Nick Ayler shows off some tiny swimsuits in the Hamptons [oh la la]
OMG meet the guest judges of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4! [popbytes]
This chihuahua has some sweet dance moves [double viking]
This is adult video merchandising at its best [kenneth]
OMG world’s largest bucket of “chicken” [zombie toenails]
These Russian bodybuilders are creepy [2leep]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: Robyn finally reaches America"

  1. Let’s not forget Robyn’s funky dance hit “Do You Know (What It Takes)” That song played every five minutes on pop radio when I was a teenager in Michigan. Apparently, she also performed one of her other nineties hits on the US teen comedy show “All That.” Glad she is making a US comeback!

  2. Sigh. She was OBVIOUSLY lipsinging her performance, running around and tumbling and such.

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