!! OMG gossip: Roisin Murphy will return !!

Roisin Murphy is planning a U.S. tour in March [arjan writes]
Nicolette Sheridan is determined to wear a bikini until Christmas [wwtdd]
Jessica Simpson has finally hit box office gold! In Russia. [icydk]
Drew Barrymore and a bunny on the cover of the new Pop [bunny bisous]
Rihanna’s on-stage wardrobe is really starting to get awkward [cityrag]
Sen. Dianne Feinstein finally speaks up for the gays [towleroad]
Mischa Barton can roll her own doobies [papel pop]
Jessica Biel feels old… at 26 [socialite life]
OMG Britney Spears workout footage! [dlisted]
Is Pink’s “So What” the number 1 diss song of all time? [scandalist]
Barack Obama will appear on The Daily Show tonight [jossip]
Paris Hilton’s face has lost value like the stock market [celebslam]
Are Jennifer Aniston and Zac Efron secret twins? [wow report]
The hidden broccoli faces mystery comes to a close [bread and honey]

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