!! OMG, feel better about yourself: Small Penis Contest !!

If you’ve ever felt small, or if you have a fetish for small weiners, be sure to check out the NSFW Howard Stern “World’s Smallest Penis Contest” after the jump.

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12 Comments on "OMG, feel better about yourself: Small Penis Contest"

  1. well, uhmm, the guy rejected by the two lesbian girls looks really cute…I mean, I dnt care much about the penis(maybe I’m lying slightly…hehehe) but I mean, I think he has great personality…maybe he can suck good yah know? About the other guys…I’m proud they are not ashamed whoo…I would just die if I hae those thins…the best thing is to have sex change…make those things a vag…ayt?

  2. This is Horrible !
    I honestly feel that these poor guys have some imbalance with their hormones or something. I mean, a small dick is one thing…but to have an “inverted”? (is that the word?) dick, so that it resembles a vagina ? There has to be something to that….

  3. this actually made me sad.

  4. i would totally do Frank, he was a grower not a shower, I have faith in this.

  5. omfg. I feel sorry for these guys. On top of the penis issue there are the giant manboobs etc.

  6. These guys are probably Kleinfelter males, with an extra X chromosome, making them genetically XXY males, or trisomic for the sex chromosomes.

  7. My bf and I agree with niles…he’s a cutie no matter his package…

  8. Poor guys! At least they’re not crushed by low self-esteem. If I had a micropenis, I don’t know if I would ever let anyone know about it.

  9. that dude rejected by the two sisters is actually adorable.

  10. Oh dear, thats crazy! Wonder what they do if they get hard how much bigger they get?

  11. Omg, that it is quite revolting and embarrassing!!! Just…Ewww….

  12. Thanks! This makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.

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