!! OMG, gossip: Ryan Lochte is coming up roses !!

OMG, will Ryan Lochte be the next doofus to headline “The Bachelor”? [jezebel]
Yes, Jessica Biel, WE KNOW you’re getting married — can you please stop talking about it? [evil beet]
You’re welcome: Twins in singlets [oh la la]
Music video nudity was only the beginning — now Shia LaBeouf is making art porn [popbytes]
In case you care: 98 Degrees reunited on the Today Show [socialite life]
OMG, Joey Kovar — of Real World Las Vegas fame — has died at just 29 years old [dlisted]
Correction: Too bad about the didlo shaped like a crucifix [kenneth]
It’s an election year, which means celebrities are popping up to make presidential endorsements, some worth caring about and some… not [celebrity cafe]
In the Olympic medal you didn’t hear about on TV, David Beckham took home the silver [amy grindhouse]
How much do you wish this interview was with Whitney instead? [after elton]
Meet the man of the day: Confucious [double viking]
OMG, Keane is releasing a limited-edition vinyl EP! [arjan]
Ellen DeGeneres like Miley Cyrus‘s new haircut so much… she got it too [allie]
Shocking: No one believes the news anymore [towleroad]
How does Kristen Stewart get over a broken heart? With sugarless Red Bull, cigarettes, and chips [celebitchy]
Sometimes Vice Presidential candidates go shirtless, ok? [joe]
OMG, watch Lady Gaga‘s bodyguard body-slam a lil’ monster [tabloid prodigy]
‘Nuf said: Guys golfing in their underwear [berry]

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