!! OMG, gossip: The plot thickens for K-Stew and R-Pat !!

OMG, Robert Pattinson was cheating too?! [jezebel]
Sad but true: The Kardashian sisters are selling glasses now… because, you know, they read [evil beet]
Just sad: David Rakoff died [kenneth]
Brad and Angie may or may not or, hey, may be getting married this weekend [dlisted]
Like we didn’t know already: Lady Gaga admits to getting naked and having sex on the beach [tabloid prodigy]
Wondering what time it is? Ask model Tommy DiDario [oh la la]
Awkward celeb moments with fans — probably the best thing you’ll click on today [popbytes]
Jessica Simspon‘s dad got a DUI, whoooopsies [socialite life]
In honor of the week of her 49th birthday, here are the top 10 best Whitney Houston songs [celebrity cafe]
…And if you’re really committed, get this WH tattoo like lil’ Bobbi Kristina and her bf [allie]
Rumors that Kris Jenner orchestrated her daughter’s sex tape are “absurd and not true” according to… Kris Jenner [amy grindhouse]
Everything you need to know about “The New Normal” straight (ha, ha) from the actors’ mouths! [after elton)
When the police are in hot pursuit of your getaway car, maybe don’t do this [double viking]
The new gay Mika is making new (gay) music videos [arjan]
Tom Cruise is sending his public image to rehab [celebitchy]
This is big: Meet the first out U.S. general [joe]
Take a stroll down memory lane with these 80s child actors [berry]
OMG, excitement in Ireland has reached St. Patrick’s Day levels! [towleroad]

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1 Comment on "OMG, gossip: The plot thickens for K-Stew and R-Pat"

  1. R-Pat sounds like some kind of unsavory medical condition you get after eating K-Stew.

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