!! OMG, gossip: The real reason Johnny and Vanessa split !!

OMG, did Amber Heard pull an Angelina Jolie and steal Johnny Depp? [allie]
…And speaking of Angie, apparently she isn’t too happy with Brad Pitt’s mom over that stupid anti-gay letter [celebitchy]
If you’re wondering what it’s like to watch True Blood‘s Evan Rachel Wood get her nose pierced, stop wondering and watch [evil beet]
It’s a real pain to be Chloe Sevigny, according to Chloe Sevigny [dlisted]
The ideal band to play at your (gay) wedding: Blondie tribute group Blondied [kenneth]
OMG, look out for the full moon on Saturday [joe]
For those that somehow still care about this show, there’s a new cast of Big Brother on the way [popbytes]
Actually, skip this season of Big Brother and meet the newest dancers on So You Think You Can Dance instead [after elton]
Oh please, no one believes that Kim Kardashian lifts a finger to do her own makeup [socialite life]
OMG, ten celebrity kids who made a name for themselves without mommy and daddy [celebrity cafe]
Scarlett Johansson‘s bodyguard sure is getting handsy [amy grindhouse]
Two words: Redneck fireworks [double viking]
You’re gonna want to listen to Shannan Stone get down with her piano [arjan]
This clip proves it — Britney Spears really is an X Factor judge [tabloid prodigy]
Shockingly, looking at ice cream isn’t as satiating as eating it [berry]
What’s the best way to honor the work of gay activist? By naming asteroids after them [towleroad]
OMG, how inclusive is Pantone’s chart of every human skin color? [jezebel]

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