!! OMG, Gumped again: Frank Ocean’s gay love song !!

News flash: someone has made something called ‘Forrest Gump’ that doesn’t suck.
By now you’ve probably read some sort of analysis on the Internet about R&B singer Frank Ocean‘s highly poetic admission to wanting to make it with another man, and although that is certainly a huge story, it shouldn’t distract from the real story which is that his album Channel Orange is Mama’s Gun-levels good. Interestingly, one of its best and gayest songs is named after one of the lamest movies of all time: “Forrest Gump.” It’s an elegant, low-key lament on unrequited love that we can’t stop listening to.
Listen to an excerpt from “Forrest Gump” below or stream the entire Channel Orange album here.

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2 Comments on "OMG, Gumped again: Frank Ocean’s gay love song"

  1. Actually Taty The funny thing is, he didn’t even write this song & its a reference track for a woman. But since he’s released that letter, people thing he’s talking about his own situation. When in fact in 2011 he released a statement on his tumblr saying majority of the songs on the “Lonny Breaux” mixtape were leaks of reference records & songs that he had no hand in writing. So, do your research before you just place it on “He’s Bi & this songs is about his male lover”, when in fact he didn’t even write it.

  2. Y’all fail to realize Frank Ocean had a gay song from the the lonny breaux collection mixtape in Day Away he was clearly singing about a dude. True Frank Ocean fans would have known this and had that mixtape a long time ago. Sorry band-wagoners can’t fully understand.

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