!! OMG gossip: The world’s most expensive poo !!

Let Gwyneth Paltrow help you empty your colon and your wallet at the same time [dlisted]
Is Rick Santorum too homophobic for Bill O’Reilly? [towleroad]
OMG, it’s Jessica Chastain‘s Broadway debut! [celebrity cafe]
OMG Drew Barrymore is engaged! [huffpo]
Yes Justin Bieber really tattooed Jesus on his leg [socialite life]
OMG David Beckham‘s extremely pouchy underwear line is unveiled [oh la la]
How well do you know Absolutely Fabulous? [after elton]
Guess how much Zooey Deschanel is worth? [tabloid prodigy]
OMG, what is Daniel Radcliffe afraid of? [allie]
Duchess Kate has announced her five charity patronages [celebitchy]
Does Rick Santorum have Dan White eyes? [kenneth]
Justin Timberlake‘s grandma has confirmed his engagement to Jessica Biel. Umm, what? [amy grindhouse]
OMG it’s shoulder pad madness! [the berry]
Russell Brand told Katy Perry what we already knew about her… [popbytes]
Biggest chain in New York City? You might be surprised. [joe]
Imagine with us what Snooki‘s enhanced breasts will look like [evil beet]
Harrison Ford has finally watched the Indiana Jones trilogy after 30 years [double viking]
Dr. Seuss does Batman! [zombie toenails]
OMG girls changes clothes on the subway! [2leep]

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  1. Except that footage of Harrison Ford is edited from the video of him playing the game Uncharted 3 in Japan a few months ago.

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