!! OMG gossip: Tom Cruise was such a doll !!

OMG Tom Cruise in drag for high school Halloween! [huffpo]
Joey Lawrence isn’t quite looking himself these days… Is that body/face/hair for real? [dlisted]
OMG Angelina Jolie directed a movie! Watch the trailer here. [celebitchy]
A bedraggled Ashton Kutcher talks about “honesty in the media” to his webcam [amy grindhouse]
And Matt Damon is getting ready for his directorial debut… [celebrity cafe]
Which fashion designer fed David Blaine to Great White sharks? [double viking]
OMG Twilight: Breaking Dawn vampire wedding sneak peek! I know you’re all dying to see this. [the berry]
LeAnn Rimes looks fabulous without make-up [evil beet]
Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Really? [popbytes]
OMG Justin Bieber the adulterer? [allie]
Zac Efron got drunk and stained his pants [socialite life]
OMG two new tracks from the Postelles! [tng]
It’s mugshot number five for Lindsay Lohan [tabloid prodigy]
OMG say hello to Wedding Pride magazine! [kenneth]
Gay teens “pray the gay away” in a new video [towleroad]
Republican Senator Marco Rubio completed fabricated his family history [joe]
Why is this UCLA streaker wearing a Speedo? [oh la la]

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