!! OMG, gossip: Victoria’s Secret finally in trouble !!

Victoria’s Secret is being sued [jezebel]
OMG, new breakup hair for John Mayer [evil beet]
For advice on how throwing a quiet, nbd celebrity wedding, see Rosie O’Donnell [dlisted]
…And speaking of funny ladies, check out an interview with 30 Rock‘s Sue Galloway [celebrity cafe]
If you weren’t already excited about the new season of American Horror Story, this will get you goin’ [oh la la]
OMG, Amber Rose is preggo [allie]
Lindsay Lohan has some things she wants to get off her chest [popbytes]
Why is it that every cute gay boy who works for Rachel Zoe ends up with his own TV show? [socialite life]
No, but really, this is probably how fundamentalist conservatives view the female body [kenneth]
….And speaking of lady bods, here’s what happens to Kim Kardashian‘s booty in leather pants [amy grindhouse]
If you haven’t yet watched the finale of HBO’s The Newsroom, definitely don’t read this episode roundup [after elton]
Also from HBO, take a listen to True Blood star Janina Gavankar‘s newest single [arjan]
OMG, throwing a house party at IKEA is a lot easier than you’d think [double viking]
Is Prince Harry worried that more naked photos will soon find their way online? We can only hope [celebitchy]
OMG, a judge has ordered the Prop 8 case CLOSED [joe]
Instead of bringing on new d-listers, Dancing With The Stars has decided to go the All-Star route [tabloid prodigy]
Just because: The best of boy band photos [berry]
OMG, watch an emotional coming out video from an 18-year-old rugby player [towleroad]

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