!! OMG gossip: Who likes to wave their thing around for men? !!

Does Robbie Williams demand sexual favors from his gay guy friend? [dlisted]
Transgender director Kimberly Reed‘s documentary Prodigal Sons shocks and awes [aisle seat]
Did Jesse James cheat on Sandra Bullock? [betty]
Calvin Klein Underwear has a new piece of ass cover boy on their billboards:Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco [oh la la]
Alex Pettyfer shirtless and looking as good as ever [just jared]
Amanda Seyfried keeps the lesbian action going, this time with Julianne Moore in the new film Chloe [l.a. rag mag]
Did actress Rebecca Hall have something to do with Sam Mendes amnd Kate Winslet breaking up? [socialite life]
Man dives into three feet of water in Rome’s Trevi Fountin [towleroad]
Pamela Anderson is without make-up and looking not so bad! [hollywood rag]
OMG Michael Lohan had a heart attack! [evil beet]
Nicholas “Xander from Buffy” Brendon has been tasered by police for being drunk and disorderly [gabby]
What is that in Cory Monteith‘s mouth? [kenneth]
Man puts baby in oven, smokes pot, forgets where he put the baby. OMG. [drunken stepfather, link nsfw]
Kirstie Alley defends her Scientology diet program [popeater]

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1 Comment on "OMG gossip: Who likes to wave their thing around for men?"

  1. I tend to think that Robbie is just a slut and whatever strikes his fancy at the moment, he’ll reach for. What the hell? I’d still hit it.

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