!! OMG, he’s naked: Billy Magnussen !!

Yay! Billy Magnussen, As the World Turns’ hunky blond sparkplug, shows his weiner (in profile, sadly) in these stills from a highly-artistic looking movie called HAPPY TEARS. (Get it? They’re tears… but they’re happy! Chew on that one!)
The screencaps are after the jump. NSFW.


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5 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Billy Magnussen"

  1. Seth, that’s not his other hand, look CLOSELY, or save it to your desktop and zoom in. Look at the picture where his other hand is peeking out from behind his ass (the cock is still visible). And Jakeoff, the penis would not dangle. You can’t suspend a naked man horizontally in mid-air and not able to see any wires or anything. The way they make it look as if he’s “levitating”, is that the actors are shot standing up, and the CAMERA is turned 90 degrees on it’s side to make it look like he’s “floating”.

  2. He would be hotter if he didn’t trim those pits down so much.

  3. He would be hotter if he didn’t trim those pits down so much.

  4. I get your puzzlement Seth, as it barely qualifies as nudity because so little is visible. However, in pic magnusson9 you can see the fingers of the background hand behind him, so it can’t be that hand. Being a movie, who knows what techniques were in play though, after all a penis should dangle in that position. So was he really standing or what, who knows. Frankly the torso pics are a lot better than those side shots.

  5. i don’t think that’s his wiener…. i think its his hand.

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