!! OMG gossip: Why is everyone letting Chris Brown off the hook? !!

Rihanna will not press charges against Chris Brown [anything hollywood]
And Usher retracts his criticism of Chris Brown [celebslam]
OMG Simon Baker changes his pants in public [popbytes]
Eliza Dushku likes her men a little rough [wimb]
Rachel Maddow will compete on the new season so Make Me a Supermodel [kenneth]
Karl Lagerfeld photographs Barbie for Colette in Paris [charmants]
OMG buy Lindsay Lohan‘s New York apartment! [socialite life]
Would you pay money to go see Tonya Harding? [evil beet]
The editors of Fantastic Man have created a fragrance [towleroad]
And so has Halle Berry [pitnb]
Inside the mind of a gay police officer [oh la la]
Phoebe Price thanks Dlisted on camera for relentlessly mocking her for a whole year [dlisted]

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2 Comments on "OMG gossip: Why is everyone letting Chris Brown off the hook?"

  1. I am so completely discussed with Rihanna. I know she’s young and I’m sure very confused on what to do but come on girl, you do not let anyone put their hands on you! And then you invite him back for round two! (Maybe more?) WTF Rihanna!

  2. Ahaha…
    Since when has Colin Steers become Rachel Maddow?
    He’s cute.

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