!! OMG, Grandpa Ruins Christmas! !!

Oh, by the way, how was your Christmas? I hope you got everything your heart desired! How was my Christmas, you ask? A lot like this video!

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6 Comments on "OMG, Grandpa Ruins Christmas!"

  1. this guy sounds like cartman!

  2. Of course it was a sketch! Couldn’t you tell from the bad acting… Good grief people… And by the way College Humor sucks thank god their show got canceled… What was MTV thinking? or was it VH1..

  3. This is a sketch? No, I did not know that. I was so angry and hurt for those poor kids that I wanted to punch-out that fat fuck!

  4. Craig in Portland | December 28, 2009 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    You guys realise that “College Humor” is a comedy website, right?
    You’re watching a sketch.

  5. why didn’t someone take this old fucker aside in the kitchen and tell him he could either shut his mouth and make things nice for the kids or get the fuck out? or they could leave? How did they let this asswipe go on and on? in that sweater by the way, who could take that man seriously when he has a huge snowman on his gut?
    This is why I refuse to spend time with family, I refuse.

  6. If that piece of shit was my father, I would have threw his sorry fat ass out into the street. You notice he says he has no money to buy his grandchildren a Christmas present, but he has the money to buy cigarettes? White trailer trash always has their priorities…beer and cigarettes!

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