!! OMG, his butt: Avatar’s Sam Worthington !!

avatarpic11.jpgdeeply stupid, it did indeed completely blow my f*cking mind. It is totally going to be the dumbest movie ever to win Best Picture, and it completely deserves that honor. Despite some of the worst dialogue you ever heard and a nonsense-story strung sloppily together from a potpurri of every racist/colonialist cliché in existence, it was still the most amazing movie I ever saw.
Being a total workaholic I obvs spent a good portion of the movie wondering if its Australian star Sam Worthington had ever appeared “in the nude.” I mean, he was kind of nude in Avatar but not really cause he was (often) a big blue cartoon, and also his buttcrack was concealed with a tail. Let’s not even talk about the magical loincloth that always stayed mysteriously in place. Who knows if big blue cartoons even have D’s anyway?
The point is that I rushed home and scoured the internet for naked pictures of the hunky Mr. Worthington out of his Avatar guise. And that, dear readers, is how I wound up in the quandary that I’m in.
On one hand, Avatar is the number one movie in the universe right now, and I feel that it’s my solemn duty as your host here at OMG Blog to deliver you with nudie pictures of its star. On the other hand, these pictures are not that great, you only see his butt, and I know that if I post them, everyone is just going to complain complain complain. So do I post them for the people who would like to see them and face the harsh criticism I’m sure to receive? Or should I hold them back and wait for the glorious day when I have a hi-qual picture of his (ostensibly) giant Australian schlong?
Well. I am a man of courage and conviction! Sam Worthington’s blurry, underlit butt is after the jump. SAY WHAT YOU WANNA.


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15 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Avatar’s Sam Worthington"

  1. That is seriously the best review of Avatar I’ve seen anywhere. Congrats, good sir.

  2. *agrees with marvelboy*
    But yeah, the butt was underlit. What can you do, this was even pre ED (Enhanced Definition – what we call SD now) tv, so blurry as all hell. Nothing pre 90’s (or in the early 90s for that matter) looks good screencapped.
    Viva HD!

  3. That man is totally hot and I’ll take any pics I can see of him

  4. That man is totally hot and I’ll take any pics I can see of him

  5. runningupstream | December 29, 2009 at 10:21 pm | Reply

    Hmmm… anyone else notice that the movie was basically Pocahontas? I was also perplexed by the loincloth.

  6. Esther Blodgett | December 29, 2009 at 4:01 pm | Reply

    Note the Speedo tan line.

  7. uh, i loved it. it’s sad you can’t read!

  8. It’s so sad you didn’t enjoy Avatar. And so cliché to wait to see Sam Worthington in the nude during all the movie… If it was Clash of the Titans or Terminator Salvation, I would understand… but Avatar gives you much much more than that… and once again, it’s sad you didn’t get it…

  9. Watchmen had quite a few blue cartoon D shots.

  10. He is in a movie called “Rogue”, about a humongous killer crocodile in Australia. It was a really good movie; however, my real point is that he moons some people on the boat. So look up that movie and get some screen shots of his perfect ass.

  11. You are catering way too much to the haters. Seriously, if they don’t like it maybe they should find another blog… If all they want is nudity there are blogs SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT.
    Bmad You’re my favourite. 🙂

  12. Please keep posting these, the man is gorgeous!

  13. Absolutely keep posting these!

  14. I thank you for the chance to ogle his sexy hairy chest.

  15. You know Bmad, naked is naked and as a butt lover myself, you can post as many butt pics as you like. Shame this one of Sam is underlit, but thanks for delivering such a great service to us closet pervs out there that just can’t get enough naked flesh. Do I like peen???? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back!!!? Of course I do. But butts is where it’s at!

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