!! OMG, Grindr repurposed: Introducing Tryst Pic !!

Photographer Adam Moco has been spending some extra time on Grindr, and he has more to show for it than dinner receipts and late night texts.
Tryst Pic is a new photo series that explores the potential of an online hookup app as a source of inspiration.

Utilizing popular location-based “hookup” apps geared towards gay men, this project aims to repurpose the meaning of a random “hookup,” linking photographer and subject in a non sexual context through the art of portraiture.

The “hookups” range from a few minutes to a few hours. Connections are made between strangers around the world, and in some cases, new friendships form.

View the ongoing series of Tryst Pics here.

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  1. Oh…but I was always told that Grindr in NOT a hookup app. Hummmm.

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