!! OMG, guess who: Kid in a mask !!

Answer after the jump.

It’s Blanket, the youngest of Michael Jackson’s three children.

These pictures were taken in 2006 when Michael and his 3 kids were watching a play performed by the children of a Japanese orphanage they visited.

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10 Comments on "OMG, guess who: Kid in a mask"

  1. Sheaden Vance | July 17, 2007 at 3:04 pm | Reply

    Ummm, wow. Did you really get that worked up over Rodder’s reference to “Towelette”? I mean, it was a cute comment, but hardly subtle or far-reaching. Or maybe I’m missing the sarcasm hidden in your somewhat mystifying martini analogy (it was rather well-written, though).

  2. Hey Rodders… Thanks for making my day LMAO I have been laughing for the past 5 minutes. Every time I stop I hear the word “Towelette” in my head and start all over! I thought Napkin was clever – and then – I saw TOWELETTE. You’ve got the kind of intelligent humour I love – just the way I love my martinis … Expertly made with Bombay Saphire for a little sophistication without appearing presumptuous, shaken with class and strained with a subtle flair and a wink of the eye, a twist – just for that hint of sarcasam and “bite” after the first sip, and dry – oh so VERY dry. Humour like yours is rare. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Blanket is adorable!

  4. I think Michael Jackson is going to be the new Mommie Dearest.
    There is no way someone that fucked up can have a healthy family. Those kids are going to write one of the most anticipated tell alls in history. Whether you believe he molested kids or not (the people that believe he didn’t usually defend OJ) he is one confused human being and that must rub off on his kids.
    I think he creates more drama by covering his kids up. We all know what Madonna’s kids look like and she hasn’t had any kidnappings or crazy stalkers or pedophiles after her kids.

  5. Now. Im a MJ fan. But I have to ask why do his kids come out with white people hair??? That raises the questions again if whether or not those kids are biologically his. Because if they were his…they would NOT have blonde hair. And their hair would NOT be straight as it is. He can say what ever he wants to say to keep it hush but he know darn well thos are full blooded WHITE KIDS.

  6. Is it a girl or a boy? And Blanket? Lord. Might as well name him/her Napkin. Or Towelette.

  7. Many people blame Michael Jackson for covering their faces so that nobody can recognize them.
    I think they actually asked him to do it. Or, if I were one of them I would certainly ask him to consider the option.

  8. Doesn’t Look Too Happy 🙁

  9. Jean-Marc Dos Santos | July 10, 2007 at 2:49 pm | Reply

    good god can those kids no grow up screwed up

  10. Poor kid.
    Why the masks again? Is it Halloween?

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