!! OMG, HAIRmazing: Disney Hair Extensions !!

My lady-pal Margot dresses hair and faces, and she -erm- ‘liked’ these on facefook. I blooming hope that means she’ll start using them on a regular basis,
on me,
every week,
for the clurb.
Oh and just in case you thought otherwise, these Disney Princess Extensions are very clearly specified “4 KIDS” on the advert, so don’t get no zany kidult ideas about these strictly ‘4-kids’ hairccessories.
Thanks Margot!
[via buzzfeed]

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3 Comments on "OMG, HAIRmazing: Disney Hair Extensions"

  1. Synthetic extensions won’t look as natural close up but these are easier to attach because the clips on the bands are a litter bigger and they are cheaper to purchase. Take time to look at both types before deciding which one is for you. Then take a long hard look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with both types.

  2. Marley likes the fariy girls.Let me know when they have them.

  3. Great pieces for the vain like Barbie! You can send your hate mail to Barbie right now.

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