!! OMG, Japanese Squeeze: ‘Tokyo Compression’ !!

Talk about fudge packers, I thought the subways were squishy in London and New York, and the passengers pushy in Gay Paris, but this is a blooming TRAIN-CRASH-HOT-MESS.
Tokyo has over 35 million sardines [I mean people] working in an area of only 8’000 square feet, which basically means a mother load of commuters. I love their solution to the strain on transportation “hey lets just squish them in…problem solved”.
No really, they have employed “passenger arrangement staff” -otherwise known as “people pushers”– to squash and squeeze commuters into the train at every stop along the way. I’m not entirely sure how safe this fudge-docking-factory-farming-choochoo is.
Reminiscent of when Jack bonks Rose in the sweaty carriage on the Titanic, Hong Kong-based German artist Michael Wolf has taken to snapping the squish.
Click below to see his beautifully serene sardines, and a video of the “people pushers” at work…YOU BETTER WORK!

Clickety-Clack to see them getting squished even bigger:

[via odditycentral]

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3 Comments on "OMG, Japanese Squeeze: ‘Tokyo Compression’"

  1. tokyokitty0606 | January 4, 2013 at 12:36 am | Reply

    Yup. One thing I learned commuting here in Tokyo is not to take ANY express trains unless it’s a last resort. And I agree with the lack of personal space here 🙁


  3. The last time I was in Tokyo and rode a train during rush hour, the “pushers” came for me to get me into the train. Being twice their size (as most Americans are) and not really appreciating, or understanding their function, they were taken quite aback by my reaction when they started to shove me into a train. I yelled “Back Off! I’ll take the next one!”. And the familiar grey suits scattered like I had just shot off a gun. There really is no concept of personal space in Tokyo.

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