!! OMG, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! !!

So I know we’re already a little heavier on the funny video clips than I’d like today, but how can I let Don’t Trip Over a Drunk Slut Day go without some St. Patricky entertainment for your enjoyment? Above, the Muppets dress up in their most verdant finery for a rousing rendition of Danny Boy. After the jump: I know you’ve seen it a million times already (we’ve already posted it here at least once!) but the Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama is easily my favorite St. Patrick’s Day video ever.
Oh, and how could I forget Corky’s sister Jenny Aniston (oops!) in the scariest movie of all time: yes, obviously LEPRECHAUN!
Have fun, be safe, and for f*ck’s sake take that green feather boa off because you look like a complete idiot!
[Muppet video via Joe.My.God.]

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