!! OMG, he admits it: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to smoking crack !!

Toronto’s mayor AKA The Penguin AKA Rob Ford finally broke down today, let his voice crack like he was experiencing puberty for the first time, and made his fair city proud by admitting to smoking CRACK!
Congratulations, Toronto suburbs (and people who put their money before morals)! I present to you, YOUR mayor! And thanks for helping to contribute to this highly entertaining and sad moment in Canadian history. Check out the actual audio recording below (UPDATE: AUDIO HAS BEEN REMOVED):

You know, aside from the fact that Toronto is red-faced (and bloated) for allowing this tool to run their entire city, I’m extra-gutted by the fact that both Chris Farley and Divine (out of drag as Glenn Milstead) aren’t with us today to step up to the plate, portray this shit, and snatch a Golden Globe or two when Lifetime finally decides to make a TV movie about this! Can you IMAGINE?! Check out The Daily Show‘s roundup of Rob Ford stinkers, along with a Vine clip of his contradicting quotes after the jump!

[via The Globe And Mail]
[vine via mixchopin]

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3 Comments on "OMG, he admits it: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to smoking crack"

  1. Brilliant. Spoken like a true crackhead enabler

  2. laugh all you want but the city has never been more prosperous then with him in the lead. why do we demand politicians to be saints and resign at any sign of a screw up? they are human like the rest of us. nobody would know about his drunken night twenty years ago (without the technology) and the city would remember him as the greatest mayor.
    in my book I respect for him for his head on approach. he asked the police to release the tape to the public, admitted his fault and refused to stand down as he has been doing his job brilliantly up to now. refreshing compared to the usual politically correct “I did not do it but I resign”….

  3. Crack is whack!
    Native NYker

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