!! OMG, he burned his peen: Channing Tatum !!

Did you hear that OMG favorite Channing Tatum spilled scalding hot water all over his penis and almost burned the whole thing off!? True! But not to worry– Mr. Tatum tells Details that everything’s okay now! Curious about other celebrities’ genital accidents? The Daily Beast, always eager to bring us the most relevant and important news, has compiled a gallery of famous “below the belt incidents.” News you can use!

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3 Comments on "OMG, he burned his peen: Channing Tatum"

  1. he scalded and burnt his penis with boiling water!How painful for a circumcised guy

  2. OMG, that is so terrible, but I would still love him and marry him in a heart beat! He is so sexy and he looks so sweet and innocent and we have common grounds, we are from the same town!! AHH He is my soul mate LOL

  3. ouuch! He burnt his penis with boiling water.Pain and danger would hevebeen less had be been uncircumcised. Foreskin hurts when burnt, but has a two layer skin, and would heve totally protected penis head.Dont circumcise your children, Channing!

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