!! OMG, He freeballs it: Robert Knepper !!

The YouTube description is almost poetic in its succinctness:
Robert Knepper jogging commando penis flopping
That pretty much says it all, right!?
The clip is from Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You. While I’m kind of curious– knowing Woody– why he didn’t tell Mr. Knepper to put some undies on, I have to say that it was a truly inspired directorial choice!
Now if someone would just loop this like the Oprah pees for ten minutes clip, I’ll have my whole weekend planned out!
[Via WOW Report]

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8 Comments on "OMG, He freeballs it: Robert Knepper"

  1. Too bad YouTube had to take it down. The scene starts around the 33m22s mark on the DVD.

  2. ‘Robert Knepper’ has to be the best name in show business. It literally means ‘Robert Fucks’ when translated from Danish …

  3. It’s… Hypnotizing.

  4. Hmmmm – its real alright n definitely worth a look – very impressive!! No wonder he likes showing it off like that 🙂

  5. Yes it’s real! Robert is very proud of his dick, and does not always wear undies.

  6. I did a play with Rob in the eighties. He’s huge
    straight but didn’t mind a look at his junk.

  7. Huh. Was that real, or some kind of prosthesis?
    I was waiting for Allen to comment.

  8. Does anyone besides me wonder why Woody Allen is famous?

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