!! OMG, he said what?! Tracy Morgan is homophobic !!

Tracy Morgan can suck it. According to Kevin Rogers, a gay audience member at Morgan’s standup show last Friday, the comedian unleashed an violent verbal attack on gays and lesbians. Rogers wrote on his Facebook page that, “He said if his son that was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not [he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice] or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N (one word I refuse to use) to death.” Oh hell no. Morgan is under fire in the media for his shockingly homophobic words, and, of course, his representation has only said, “There is no comment.”
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10 Comments on "OMG, he said what?! Tracy Morgan is homophobic"

  1. You know, how do people really feel? We listen to this anti-gay rant and then we get this boilerplate apology–an all too familiar pattern. Eddie Murphy did the same thing too in the 1980’s with a routine that began with the statement, “I can’t stand people with Aids” and away it went. He, too, later made an apology which ended with “Big wet kiss,” an expression that communicated fully his sarcastic attitude towards this crisis that caused so much suffering in the gay community, which at that time, in America at least, was bearing the brunt of the disease.
    It just touches the heart of darkness in us all. Are these statements a true index to these people’s hearts? I wonder.
    Of course, a lot of comedians get into “the moment” and go with it. Yet, by doing so in this context, they connect into a spirit that still seems to pervade our culture. I just wonder what’s really out there sometimes.

  2. Unfortunately Tracy Morgan’s experience as a minority has taught him that he won’t be held to the same standards of a non-minority (whoever that leaves). He can talk about KILLING somebody and figures he can just end by saying, “Oh, I’m just kidding”, and people will fall over themselves to excuse his hatred. Those same folks went after Michael Richards for using a word (killing gays can be uttered but not the N-word) for its shock-value.

  3. I remember when SNL had a stereotyped gay characacter in half their skits because they had run out of anything you could call humor.
    And then there was all of the alumni who went on to create a catalog of total crap. (Everyone after Eddie Murphy)
    Credit Fey and Poehler though.

  4. isn’t sad that an ugly guy like him expect to have a son? and a gay son? N…, you are too ugly to have kids of your own!

  5. It’d be easier on the girl if she’d just come out of the closet already.

  6. I don’t know if it was a ‘rant’, as it has been called, or just a marginally talented comedian failing to realize that seemingly endorsing hatred of a minority group is not fucking funny. Sad that his own experience as a member of a minority group didn’t give him a better perspective. Unfortunately his apology tap-danced around things too much, and apologizing not for the substance of what he said but for his “choice of words” pisses me off all the more. Why even bother?
    His apology as quoted by an article: “I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”

  7. Goddamned bastard! May his son be gay and slit his sorry throat, better yet, hang him from a big oak tree. As you can tell kiddies, my patience is now gone!

  8. i mean if MY son came home all flamey and faggy- i would shank that bitch. hahaha. but if he was gay, i’d be fine.

  9. You really believe he wrote that bullshit apology? I’m sorry, you can’t walk back from the shit he said. Stop being a pushover and get real.

  10. Actually, he has since apologized. I saw it on Broadwayworld.com earlier this morning. I still like him and think he’s hilarious even though he made those hurtful remarks.

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