!! OMG, he won’t be naked: Levi Johnston !!

For f*ck’s sake. This is exactly why I’ve been avoiding the Levi Johnston story. I knew it was all just a big tease! Now Gawker is reporting that he will NOT be showing his penis in his upcoming Playgirl spread. I hate to sound like a complain-y OMG Blog reader, but that’s not naked! Is this going to be like the Shannen Doherty Playboy spread where she’s sitting there with her arms and legs crossed so you can’t see anything at all? I suspect it might!
We’ve been taken for a ride, guys. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.


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9 Comments on "OMG, he won’t be naked: Levi Johnston"

  1. you are missing his penis? Desperate: No penis seen. It is one of many million US males’cut penises, average size, nothing special.You Americans have a mass-production of all alike cut cocks! Not the variety of uncut cocks in other countries!

  2. Sorry to say, but, it was reported long ago that he was never going to be nude. He was only going to do underwear shots and the “naughtiest” he was going to go was a side view shot in a jockstrap. Little Levi is nothing but an attention whore and just a step under Paris Hilton.
    Like was said in an earlier post…He’s so 5 minutes ago.

  3. NO PEEN???? NO PEEN??? WTF??? I WANT PEEN!!

  4. Are you serious? Pot: meet kettle. Sounds like he’ll probably be as naked as most of the “OMG he’s naked” posts. How can you hate on someone else doing the same teasing crap this site does constantly?
    Oh, and any interest I once had? Gone. Levi’s 15 minutes are up. Next!

  5. if he doesn’t show dick, playgirl sucks.

  6. I don’t understand the interest in seeing this brat naked? I don’t think we’re missing a lot?
    There are tons of better looking online boys to look at naked!
    He ain’t all that? Get over it OMG blog!

  7. I definitely hope that they are wrong that`s for sure! Either way, if he doesn`t show peen, it`s not going to go over well for Playgirl considering this shoot is supposed to “re-invent” their magazine.

  8. that’s the last time i believe anything i read on the internet.
    c’mon… did anyone really think this would pan out to anything tasty?
    i still hope gawker is wrong… but i’m prepared for the worst. he’ll probably at least be sans shirt, but that’s not nekkid.
    i’m so disappointed. i need a little dose of reality. guess i’ll go read perez hilton. he’s still true, isn’t he? like the tooth fairy and santa?

  9. Who cares about this two-bit media created guy? He’s a punk just out for cashing in on the mindless fools who will give him the time of day. Just like most annoying people, if you ignore him long enough, he will go away.

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