!! OMG, head-rub: Rubber Barber erasers !!

I was definitely one of those hot mess kids who’s pencil penis always went over the lines; more enthusiasm than accuracy, I believe it’s called abstract in the art world.
Well these erasers by MegaWing mean you can fix your pix and fix your weave at the same time. You can go from a high-top to a mullet, to a pixie-crop, and when there’s no more head to be had, move on to the next RED HEAD…although the description “rubber head” kind of makes my mouth go dry, and everything starts getting a little ‘My Strange Addiction’.

[via HH]

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2 Comments on "OMG, head-rub: Rubber Barber erasers"

  1. In my opinion that life is very good and have a lot of fun in this age.Now i am looking for those days but sadly we can not return to those days. Now I am the manager at Tecto Manicure, the most popular barber scissors supplier in all over the world.

  2. Hahahah… I remember my childhood when i used to use the erasers and make the shapes like triangle, circle, caps, sticks etc etc… you make my memories freshhhh.. thanks for this post.

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