!! OMG, WITH PULP: Elliphant’s ‘Make It Juicy’ !!

You may recognise Swedish outfit Elliphant from last years ‘Down On Life’ video, a sort of t.A.T.u. threesome go on holiday to Iceland with their horny boisterous dog.
Well seems she’s been spending ‘long time’ with that dog of hers as she’s looking a little ‘in heat’ for her new video ‘Make It Juicy’. It doesn’t show any noodie bits but I would still say it’s not safe for Barbara -the cleaning lady at the office- to peak at over your shoulder whilst she’s dust busting the corner of your cubicle.
I, myself, often adopt a Jamaican lilt and tell people this; I say it to the girl at the coffee shop in the morning, I say it to the guy who does security at the automatic sliding doors at Walmart, hell, I even say it to the grey-haired lady who works at the fishmongers down the road…”300 grams of steelhead trout AAND MAAAKE EET JOOOOSYY”…she always does, it’s always gushing by the time I get that fish head home.
[via discobelle]

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