!! OMG, He’ll Play Gay (Again and Again): James Franco !!

James Franco: if he’s not actually gay, he may be America’s hottest fag hag! Whether he’s playing Harvey Milk’s naked boyfriend in Milk, hanging like two nuts in a sac with drag performance artist Kalup Linzy or making erotic video art about Kirk and Spock doing a modified Vulcan mind-meld with their dick and butt, Dimples Franco doesn’t care who thinks he’s a big homo. He’s not but who cares!

He tells The Independent:

The worst downside, and I don’t consider this a downside, the worst thing that anybody could say is that I was gay and if somebody said that I guess they would be wrong, but I also wouldn’t care and as far as being typecast, that’s not the case, nonetheless I would be happy to play 100 gay roles as long as they were always good parts.

James, I have a gay role for you! Okay, so you come over to my apartment– the door’ll be unlocked– and I’ll be…

Oh, just see my ad on Craig’s List!
[Via Towleroad]

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