!! OMG, Helm yes!: Bernhard Willhelm’s graduating UAA students !!

__Martha Foremniak_1037068.jpg
Last week Vienna’s University of Applied Arts showcased their graduating students’ collections, all of which had been tutored by fashion demi-god Berhard Willhelm who holds the position of Head of the UAA’s Fashion Department [previously held by Vivienne Westwood and Raf Simons respectively].
Follow the jump to see several of the graduating designers works which include numerical slip-ons, hairy pants, high-waisted MUSCULATURE LEGGINGS and a wooly neon Snuggie.

During my studies I started realizing that fashion is not just something you wear, it is also supposed to support and even protect you. For me fashion now could also be called armor and it starts with what you wear underneath the obvious. _graduating student Stella Achenbach

Anna Sophie Berger:
Anna Sophie Berger_1037060.jpg
Liwen Lin:
Liwen Lin_1037063.jpg
Martha Foremniak:
Martha Foremniak_1037067.jpg
Roshi Porkar:
Roshi Porkar_1037071.jpg
Stella Achenbach:
Stella Achenbach_1037072.jpg
Zarah Brand:
Zarah Brand_1037077.jpg
Zarah Brand_1037078.jpg

Bernhard is a very passionate and energetic professor and he invests a lot of time to get the best out of every student. With him the atmosphere in the class became much friendlier, more open and less competitive _graduating student Zarah Brandl

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