!! OMG, Here Comes the Judge: Andre Léon Talley !!

Fashion week is just beginning here in New York, and already we’re starting to hear geat news from the land of bulimic string beans and $25k t-shirts. Well, actually it’s just Top Model news, and we all know that has nothing to do with “fashion” unless you count in-store appearances at Target, but whatever.
Tyra Banks has sent word down from her heavenly throne that Miss Jay is ceding his ANTM Judgeship to an even more flamboyant (and way more important) black man: Vogue’s Andre Léon Talley. In fashion, one week you’re in and the next week… oh, wait, that’s a different show. But still applicable!
And yay, cause Miss Jay never quite lived up to his judgey potential if you ask me. He will go back to coaching the girls on the runway, where he always seemed better off anyway. Now if only we could get Janice Dickinson back and replace Tyra with Grace Jones, maybe this would be a show worth watching again.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the fantastic Mr. Talley, above is his (too-brief!) star turn from The September Issue.

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  1. Does that mean that the model hopefuls are vying for a spot in hallowed pages of Vogue or Teen Vogue? or Vogue Croatia?

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