!! OMG, he’s 31: Miley’s Brother !!

It turns out that the guy who plays Miley Cyrus’ teenage brother on Hannah Montana is actually 31 years old! And we thought her 20-year-old boyfriend was a stretch…
See Jason Earles’ IMDB profile HERE.
Thanks to CRAIG for sending this to us!

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3 Comments on "OMG, he’s 31: Miley’s Brother"

  1. No, no, NO. Rico (the mean kid who runs the snack shack on the beach) was NOT in the original Beethoven. He’s in a new installment to those stupid Beethoven movies.
    And HOLY S#!T – Jason Earles is 31?!? Shuuuuuut up. That’s so hard to believe. He must have some medical condition, because…holy shit. Sad that he’s doing a tween show at his age. I mean, it’s also sad that Billy Ray is doing it, but he has a reason…

  2. Basically. My sibs watch the heck out of that show, and my mother told me that “kid” who runs the drink stand (the mean kid) is also older than he looks, and was actually in the original Beethoven film (the dog, you know). That was a while back….
    Anyone remember that show Century City, and the ep with Daryl Sabara wanting to take the puberty-prevention meds to prolong his career, so he was suing his parents for independence? I am starting to wonder if that’s medically possible. It can’t be random for these people to be able to do this. I sure as hell can’t pass for a teen, and I’m not even 30.

  3. holy shit…he’s like one of those vampire children.

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