!! OMG, not allowed: Being shirtless in Abercrombie !!

A group of 111 men gathered to go shopping shirtless at the Abercrombie & Fitch store on 5th Ave. in Manhattan. They were all eventually kicked out and two of them were even trying to buy shirts to put on! You should remember that Abercrombie employs a male model to stand shirtless in the doorway at all times. (Thanks to Emily A. for the tip!)

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8 Comments on "OMG, not allowed: Being shirtless in Abercrombie"

  1. After they left did they head on down to the nearest American Apparel store to pick up a copy of BUTT? (^_^)

  2. As soon as I read the first sentence I knew it had to be Imrov Anywhere, because those guys are crazy!

  3. I do have to say, though, having worked retail, it was kind of annoying of them to go around unfolding shirts they didn’t intend to buy. That fold is sorta complicated. They could have just fingered the racks.
    Anyway, though, i am sure so many ppl came into that store just to see that they probably made money off it, so A&F needs to quit.
    Ol’lady at the end with the accent knows she enjoyed the eye candy.

  4. *eyeroll* @ Buster
    Gee, sorry 95% of humanity is such an eyesore to you. I wonder what you look like?
    Anyway, was this actually a protest, or a big joke?
    The A&F near me doesn’t have a half-naked himbo at the door. News to me.

  5. Its from the improv group based out of NYC Improv Everywhere…
    They do the No pants subway ride every year.. improveverywhere.com

  6. this is cool. ive always hated that store with its over priced shirts and self rightous models making me feel like a monster @[email protected]

  7. I’d kick them out too – most of them were not anything to look at, especially the asian and fat ones.

  8. OMG! I LOVE IT!! Hip, hip, hooray for the average guy!!!!

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